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For all Quartz, Chronograph and Automatic Timepieces:

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All Rotary watches should be serviced at 3 year intervals to ensure the Guarantee remains valid.

Bracelet/Strap Care

Bracelet Watches

Direct contact with sprays such as hairsprays, perfumes or detergents may cause damage to your watch.

Leather Straps

Leather straps deteriorate at different rates depending on climatic conditions, sweat acidity and levels of wear and tear. To ensure your leather strap lasts as long as possible take the following precautions: 1) avoid soaking your strap in water, 2) avoid prolonged exposure to sunlight, and 3) avoid direct contact with solvents, detergents and perfumes.

Sterling Silver

All precious metal products should be cared for with a polishing cloth and stored in the presentation box when not being worn.

Operating Instructions

Automatic Watches

The self-winding device in automatic watches keeps the watch wound while it is being worn. Off the wrist, it will keep going for between 28 to 48 hours. To restart the watch after this time, rewind it manually. Alternatively, place in an automatic winding box.

Mechanical Watches

Remove watch from wrist and wind crown in a clockwise direction whilst off the wrist.

Quartz Watches

All quartz watches are powered by batteries so it is not necessary to wind them. If your quartz watch stops, have the battery checked as soon as possible. A "dead" battery may cause serious damage to the movement if left inside the watch too long. Quartz analogue watches contain both electronic and mechanical parts which require periodic servicing.

Setting the Date and Time

Check if the case back of watch is marked 'Waterproof'. If so, please follow these instructions:

a. Waterproof models
Always make sure the buttons on your watch are screwed home before exposing to water. A hard knock might cause a watch to lose it’s waterproof benefit without you realising it. Waterproof watches must be opened and closed by a skilled watchmaker. When due a battery change, we recommend you return your Waterproof watch to Rotary for resealing.

To change the time and/or date of Waterproof models:

- Unscrew the crown in a downward/anti clockwise direction.
- Once the screw is released, pull the crown outward gently until it clicks once and rotate the crown in a clockwise direction to change the date. (Only applicable for Date watches)

- To change the time pull the crown once more in an outward direction gently until it clicks and rotate the crown in a clockwise direction to change the time. To close the crown, push the crown inward whilst at the same time rotating the crown in a clockwise direction. It is very important to check that the crown is fully screwed into a closed position in order to ensure waterproof benefit is maintained. N.B Pulling the crown forcefully in an outward direction could result in serious damage to the watch. Make sure that you always unscrew the crown before adjusting the date or time.

b. Non Waterproof models:

- Setting the time: Pull out the button and rotate the hands until the correct time is shown. Remember to push the button fully home.

- Setting the date: Pull out the button one notch, rotate the date, or rotate the hands clockwise until the correct date is shown.

- Setting the day and date: Pull out the button one notch, rotate forwards to change day and backwards to change date.

Nickel Levels

Nickel Compliancy

All Rotary watches conform to the EEC directive on Nickel content. They comply with the procedural tests EN1810, EN1811 and EN12472 that form part of the directive, to ensure the release rate is no greater than 0.5ug/cm2/week on products in direct and prolonged contact with the skin.


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